Hampton Green development



Effective drainage and management of surface water is important for our proposed development and for people living close by.

We have carefully modelled the way water moves on the site and tested ground conditions to see what happens as a result of groundwater settling in depressions and low spots.

This has informed the drainage strategy we have developed to ensure that the site will not flood and won’t increase the amount of water flowing off the site. This has been agreed in principle with the Lead Local Flood Authority.

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Our approach is to:

  1. Use attenuation methods including permeable paving and natural ditches to capture rainwater and encourage sustainable drainage on site. These will serve to direct all surface drainage to two new attenuation ponds with a storage capacity of around 6,900m3.
  2. This will improve the situation on site and in the surrounding area  as the sustainable drainage system will reduce the amount of water leaving the site as run-off. Any water that does leave the site will be carefully controlled and discharged into local sewers and ditches.
  3. Foul drainage will connect to the local sewer system and modelling completed by Anglian Water has confirmed suitable upgrades can be implemented to ensure sufficient capacity is available.