Hampton Green development



Our aim is to create a development that supports the aspirations of, and creates new opportunities for, the local community by giving them greater access to high quality recreation and ecological land.

We want to achieve this by using effective landscape design to create a sense of place and community safety, together with measures to support and enhance local ecology, and reduce any impact on the environment during construction and when the development is completed.


  1. Retaining more than 30 per cent of the site to create a network of public open spaces.
  2. Downgrading a stretch of “The Green” to become a pedestrian and cycle green link into Wootton and the Homes and Communities Agency development.
  3. Creation of landscaped pedestrian and cycle connections through the site to access areas of public open space and create connections with the existing network and neighbouring developments.
  4. Provision of a centrally located equipped play area for children as well as additional informal play space across the site.
  5. Natural activity areas along the northern boundary including woodland walks and a dog walking circuit.
  6. Retention of the majority of hedgerow and mature trees around the site boundaries to maintain wildlife corridors across the site.
  7. Open space and woodland planting to the north, adjacent to the existing protected woodland, to promote woodland walk links with Brackmills Country Park and connections with Brackmills industrial estate.
  8. Development of a green buffer zone along the eastern edge of the site to soften the transition between the proposed development and the surrounding countryside, thereby minimising landscape impacts.
  9. New planting across the site with trees along the primary access route to create an avenue.
  10. The required drainage features have been integrated into the strategic landscape and open space, to provide further visual amenity and benefits to biodiversity
  11. Internal road layouts designed to ensure low traffic speeds, promote safe walking and limit potential for anti-social behaviour.