Hampton Green development




When Hampton Green is complete, what steps are you taking to limit traffic congestion on local roads?

We’re working closely with Northamptonshire County Council to develop a comprehensive transport strategy that will reduce the amount of traffic generated by Hampton Green and the associated impact on surrounding roads and junctions.

Our preferred solution is to:

  • Create a new primary access to the site off Newport Pagnell Road via a new four arm roundabout, replacing the right turn lane provided by Morris Homes.
  • Create a new access onto 'The Green' and downgrade a stretch of it to a footpath/cycleway.
  • Make improvements to the Waitrose junction. This will take the form of either signalisation of the junction or a controlled pedestrian crossing.
  • Make financial contributions towards off-site improvements at nine junctions in the wider area.
Will you be doing anything to improve public transport?

We know that people value good public transport links, we are therefore proposing improved public transport connections with Northampton town centre including an extension of the existing bus service through the Hampton Green development connecting in to the HCA scheme.

Do you have any plans for new pedestrian links and cycle paths?

We recognise that people are increasingly interested in active modes of transport.  Our proposed site is next to a larger area to be developed by the HCA, so we are putting particular emphasis on improved pedestrian and cycle links between the two developments, as well as Brackmills Country Park.

We’re proposing a new footpath/cycleway between the proposed roundabout access and Landimore Road – improving connectivity with the wider area and further helping Hampton Green to integrate with existing communities.

We are also looking into the possibility of downgrading a stretch of ‘The Green’ so it becomes exclusive for pedestrian and cycle use only. We believe that this will provide safe access between existing and new developments and promote a more sustainable community.

During construction how will you manage site traffic to limit congestion on local roads?

As part of our application for Outline Planning Permission we have prepared a Transport Assessment to inform the delivery of the development. More information on the Transport Assessment can be found as part of our application.

This application has been registered by Northampton Borough Council as: N/2017/1369.  It is available to view online at here.

South Northamptonshire Council has registered this application as: S/2017/2577/EIA. It is available to view online here.

We will make every effort to ensure that disruption to local residents during construction is kept to the very minimum possible. We will  work closely
with South Northamptonshire and Northampton Borough councils to ensure
reasonable hours of work and take steps to minimise the impact of construction traffic, especially at peak times.