Hampton Green development



Local Communities

How are you considering the needs of the existing local communities?

We recognise the implications of delivering the right infrastructure for the local community and the need for a high quality, sustainable development.

Working together with the local community and interested parties is essential to creating the best possible development at Hampton Green. The current consultation is intended to help us understand any specific issues the local community might have about development on this site.

People are invited to take part and comment on our proposals. We will consider all the feedback we receive and use it to help refine and shape our final application.

Apart from housing, are there any other intended uses for the site, e.g. retail/commercial?

Our proposals for Hampton Green predominantly focus on provision of new homes, as well as open spaces and children’s play areas. In addition, the intention is to create strong foot and cycle linkages between Hampton Green and the neighbouring HCA development. The HCA development is much larger in size and, when it’s completed, will include a full range of community facilities including health services, community meeting places and commercial/retail buildings suitable for shops, restaurants and cafés – all of which will be easily accessed by people living at Hampton Green.

Will you use local companies for the development?

We are keen to work with the local community and will use local companies on the development where possible.

How is the decision made on the additional infrastructure required to
support the delivery of Hampton Green?

In the event of the local authorities resolving to grant planning permission for Hampton Green, certain conditions and legal agreements will be put in place to identify the contributions we will have to make to address any impact of the development on the local community and associated infrastructure.

The nature and precise level of those contributions will be set out in the legal contract known as the Section 106 agreement. The details of the agreement will be decided by the Local Planning Authority in consultation with a number of public and private sector bodies including education, transport and health authorities.

The Section 106 agreement is likely to address issues including provision of funds for traffic calming measures, new play facilities, tree planting, cycle paths, meeting places, affordable housing, education and health care facilities.