Hampton Green development



Our Proposals

Where is the land proposed for your development?

Hampton Green is proposed as being built on a site that lies to the south east of Northampton, north east of Newport Pagnell Road and either side of The Green. It crosses the borders of Hardingstone and Hackleton parishes and spans the borders of two local planning authorities, Northampton Borough Council and South Northamptonshire Council.

The northern parcel of land, which falls within Northampton Borough Council’s authority, measures approximately 7ha in area. It is bounded by woodland to the north, with hedgerows, trees and agricultural land to the east. To the west of the site is land currently under the control of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). The HCA site was formally allocated for development in the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Local Plan (WNJCS) and planning permission was granted on appeal in February 2016.

The southern parcel, which measures 17ha in area and falls within South
Northamptonshire Council’s authority, currently comprises of an open field with an intermittent belt of hedgerow running through the centre. It is bounded by roads to the north west and south west and agricultural land to the east.

Why do you want to build houses on this site?

The West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit (JPU) is responsible for finding ways to meet the housing needs for Northampton, South Northamptonshire and Daventry. In December 2014, the JPU Councils adopted the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) which allocated this site for growth to meet the needs of the area by building a sustainable urban extension. The site was formally allocated for development via Policy N6: Northampton South of Brackmills SUE of the WNJCS. Together our site and the HCA site form the entirety of the SUE allocation.

Hampton Green will contribute to meeting the identified housing targets for Northampton, while supporting the regeneration and sustainable development of the area. The proposed site is directly adjacent to Northampton and close to existing local infrastructure. The site has no special environmental considerations so development here means that more environmentally sensitive sites would be protected. As such Hampton Green presents an ideal development opportunity that will offer a high standard of accommodation.

Who are you working with to develop your proposals for the site?

We are working closely with South Northamptonshire, Northampton Borough and Northamptonshire County councils as well as the parish councils and communities located in proximity to the site.  We hope to build a strong dialogue with these stakeholders in order to achieve the best outcome for a sustainable development that meets the needs of Northampton and its residents.

Which council/councils has the planning application been submitted to?

While the majority of the Hampton Green site falls within the boundary of South Northamptonshire Council, the northern part lies within the boundary of Northampton Borough Council.

Our application for Outline Planning Permission for Hampton Green has therefore been submitted to both of these local planning authorities.

This application has been registered by Northampton Borough Council as: N/2017/1369.  It is available to view online at here.

South Northamptonshire Council has registered this application as: S/2017/2577/EIA. It is available to view online here.

If consent is granted, when will construction start and how long will it take?

If planning permission is granted, subject to receiving the appropriate approval on reserved matters, we anticipate construction will commence within 12 months of receipt of outline planning permission, with the first occupants moving in approximately nine months later.